My Illuminations series combines cyanotype prints with the luminescence of encaustic wax.  After carefully selecting the plant life to be used, I created a cyanotype print that was coated with encaustic wax to make it more translucent.  I then formed the waxed paper into a cylindrical shade that was laced together with hemp string.  

The combination creates magical illumination, and a one of a kind piece of art. 


Each piece is composed of a wax coated, handmade original cyanotype print and a wood base that contains LED lights.  The base includes cord with USB and plug.  

*** Note: Lamps marked as prototypes are lamps that helped me develop this collection, through trial and error.  I tried numerous papers, coating techniques and lacing methods to arrive with my preferred  lamp. All are reduced in price, but fully functioning and lovely.  Be sure to look at the pictures and video before purchasing.


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