Rocks on the Bottom

Rocks on the Bottom


4" x 4" x 1 1/2" handmade print on wood cradle board.  Traditional cyantope on watercolor paper enhanced with encaustic medium and oil paint stick.  Beautiful with Rocks on Top and Rocks in the Middle. Buy all three and recieve $15 off the set. Use coupon code BUYMORE

  • How to care for your encaustic artwork.

    Treat an encaustic painting as you would any fine art. Use care hanging, transporting or storing a painting. 1. Consistent Temperature - Hang and store at normal room temperatures. Avoid freezing and extremely hot temperatures; wax will melt at 150°F / 65°C. 2. Avoid Direct Sunlight - Keep all artwork out of direct sunlight. 3. Transporting a painting - When packing encaustic art for transportation, cover the face of the painting with wax paper. Do not use bubble wrap directly on the front of the painting as it may leave an imprint on the surface. For shipping, build a box the right size for the painting. 4. Framing - Encaustic does not need to be protected by glass. A floater frame is an attractive option that also protects the edges of the painting from scratches, dents and chips. Works on paper may be framed under glass; ensure the glass is not in contact with the artwork. 5. Curing - During the first 6-12 months, as the wax cures, an encaustic painting may develop bloom. Bloom is a naturally occurring hazy white residue. It may also occur if a painting is exposed to cold. Bloom can easily be removed by buffing the surface of the painting. Encaustic paintings can be buffed to a high gloss using a soft, lint-free cloth or pantyhose. If the original sheen has become dull over time, it can be brought back by repeating the buffing process. 

  • Shipping

    Reduced Flat rate shiping based on size, handling fee of $5 included to cover protective packaging materials.   Central Florida area?  I can deliver. Choose this option at checkout and I will contact you by email to set up delivery.

    Please contact me for shipping cost outside the US.